Björn and Bernard / CAPE EPIC 2019 FINISHER

Björn and Bernard crossed the finish line at the 2019 Cape Epic after riding 8 days, 624km and ascending 16 650 meters.

597 Teams out of 700 registered teams finished the race. / Merida finished the race in 239 position overall in a time of 39h51min.!

Well Done Björn and Bernard! 2019

Björn Tschenett and Bernard Aebi are racing the legendary Cape Epic in South Africa from March 17th to March 24th helping THE ANNA FOUNDATION, THE CAPE LEOPARD TRUST and OPERATION SMILE.

At time of redaction, both riders have completed 5 stages including the Prologue. There are 3 more though days to come specially tomorrow with the QUEEN Stage 100km with 2850m of climbing.