Support Us engages as fundraisers for charities and organisations that support their local communities, promote health and education programmes. In the past 10 years, teams have supported the activities of Operation Smile, The Anna Foundation, The Cape Leopard Trust, The Big Tree Foundation and Qhubeka.

We also race to inspire others to have an action filled and healthy lifestyle. In 2020, the team will challenge themselves to adopt whole food plant based nutrition and share their experiences on social media. Many studies support the health and performance benefits of such a diet, which also has a positive effect on the well being of animals and the ecosystem.

Thank you for supporting our activities to make this world a healthier and happier place. Please use following bank account for your financial support:


Bank transfer

Zürcher Kantonalbank
8010 Zürich

Bankenclearing-Nummer: 700
IBAN: CH61 0070 0114 8030 3153 1

(Managed by Thomas Oberli, CH-8153 Rümlang)