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The Project

From 20 to 27 March 2022 every morning at exactly 7:00 o’ clock during 8 days, the starting signal resonates through the breathtaking scenery of South Africa. 700 teams begin the next stage of the Cape Epic, which holds the title, with its 657 kilometers and 16’000 meters of altitude, of one of “the hardest mountain bike race in the world”

The Cape Epic in South Africa is the world’s most famous mountain bike marathon. It is a privilege to be allowed to participate. The race is run in teams of two.

At the start of the race, many well-known professional bikers such as World Champion and Olympic Champion Nino Schurter will also be among us.

For the seventh time after 2009, 2010, 2013 2016, 2018 and 2019 will commit to supporting children who need bicycles to go to school or require a surgery to correct a cleft lip or cleft palate (Operation Smile). In addition, the team will also contribute to the protection of endangered species (The Cape Leopard Trust) and ANNA FOUNDATION (Education). With every kilometer and every turn of the handle there is a contribution towards the region, which we can experience in all its facets for approximately two weeks – our biggest motivation to finish the race successfully. At the Cape Epic, every day is a challenge for participants and material, due to sand, wind and temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius. These conditions will demand all we can give.

The Team

This is us – Alessia Nay & Björn Tschnenett. Two passionate endurance athletes who along their journey have more than just sporting goals: Participate in the Cape Epic in 202 in the Mixed Category as well as inspire people to have a healthy lifestyle and support charitie

Björn Tschnenett
Alessia Nay

The Challenge

The Cape Epic is one of the biggest , but also most beautiful challenge for any avid mountain biker and leads the team through spectacular scenery and encounters with foreign animals of the Western Cape.


Lourensford Wine Estate to Lourensford Wine Estate

Distance : 24km 

Climbing: 700m


Stage 1

Lourensford Wine Estate to Lourensford Wine Estate

Distance : 92km 

Climbing: 2850m

Stage 2

Lourensford Wine Estate to Greyton

Distance : 118km 

Climbing: 2350m

Stage 3

Greyton to Greyton

Distance : 96km 

Climbing: 2250m

Stage 4

Greyton to Greyton

Distance : 74km 

Climbing: 1650m

Stage 5

Greyton to Stellenbosch

Distance : 109km 

Climbing: 2400m

Stage 6

Stellenbosch to Stellenbosch

Distance : 76km 

Climbing: 2700m

Stage 7

Lourensford Wine Estate to Lourensford Wine Estate

Distance : 68km 

Climbing: 2000m

The Goal

To date, by participating in the six previous Cape Epic, was able to provide over 90 bicycles, 40 school desks and 40 school uniforms to children in the Cape region. riders will again race to make a difference supporting Anna Foundation, the Cape Leopard Trust and Operation Smile.

We also race to inspire others to have an action filled and healthy lifestyle. Follow us on our blog.

So many happy faces! Thanks Reitz (South Africa) for having us! Joberg2c Stage 2 done! @surgeons_for_little_lives @vsportag @eberhard_pioniere ...

16 1

Start of JOBERG2C with a 118km stage! Went well for Bro and I! The Stage was time neutral but fast riding at the front anyway! 8 Stages to go 🚵🏼‍♀️🤗! Riding for surgeons for little lives @surgeons_for_little_lives @vsportag @eberhard_pioniere @joberg2c ...

15 2

Well arrived in Johannesburg! Guided tour around botanical parks trails with Mark! Tomorrow day 1 of @joberg2c with 111km @vsportag @sonjablochmedien @surgeons_for_little_lives @eberhard_pioniere #johannesburg ...

14 1

Swiss Epic - Stage 3! Scaletta Pass 2606m above sea level! Just before a 20km downhill!
#swissepic2021 #eberhardbauag #cuoreofswitzerland #bäckereifleischli #jetsportrümlang #capeleopardtrust #annafoundation #johnsonandjohnson

14 1

Start today of Swiss Epic / 5 days, 350km, 12000hm of moutain biking in beautiful Swiss Engadin! Two teams! I am Riding with Björn Tschenett and the second team Gerald Gubler riding with Stefan Gutknecht! Great technical and flow trails during the first day in St. Moritz! #eberhardbauag #fleischlibäckerei #johnsonandjohnson #jetsportrümlang #cuoreofswitzerland #hammernutritionswitzerland #loveengadin #lovebiking #dornierwines ...

18 2

Minutes before the start of Swiss Epic stage race! Five days, 350km with 13‘500m of climbing! Pure joy of being able to ride in 🇨🇭🚵‍♂️! #swissepic #eberhardbau #dornierwinesstellenbosch #fleischlibäckerei #jetsportrümlang #lovebiking ...

28 0

Rümlang-Bergün! Hapiness on 2 wheels! #summerholidays #lovecycling ...

11 0

Ride and stay healthy! Yesterday‘s ride 400km with 4192m climbing! Why? because we can!😃✌️! In those not to easy times, supports activities that promote a healthy lifestyle! ...

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