Operation Smile Mission in Vijayawada, India ​

From November 29th to the December 5th 2019

Over the past 4 years, I have supported Operation Smile activities as a bike2help.ch team member and as a supporter of the yearly Johnson & Johnson Switzerland fundraising campaign “Move for Charity”.

The private funds collected for Operation Smile have been doubled by my employer Johnson & Johnson Switzerland who also kindly support this mission of medical and non-medical volunteering to India. The objective of the mission is to bring surgical care to citizens who are affected by cleft lips and cleft palates in greater Vijayawada in the Southeast Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Vijayawada is located on the banks of Krishna River with a population of over 1 million inhabitants.

As a team member on this mission, I will have a unique chance experience the work of the organisation with the patients, their families and the hospital staff.

Operation Smile is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing free reconstructive surgery to children and young adults in developing countries all over the world. Since 1982, Operation Smile has provided surgical treatment to more than 200,000 patients around the world and, in the process, formed valuable relationships with the countries it has visited.


Minutes before the start of Swiss Epic stage race! Five days, 350km with 13‘500m of climbing! Pure joy of being able to ride in 🇨🇭🚵‍♂️! #swissepic #eberhardbau #dornierwinesstellenbosch #fleischlibäckerei #jetsportrümlang #lovebiking ...

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#tbt Tiene capa este #superhéroe chiquito 🚀. Una experiencia vivida gracias a la fundación operacionsonrisacolombia y a la confianza de los pacientes que nos necesitan. ¡Mil y mil gracias!
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Rümlang-Bergün! Hapiness on 2 wheels! #summerholidays #lovecycling ...

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💙 (Story): “Hi everyone! My Henry is going to be 8 months old this month, he still hasn’t started his forever smile journey. You see, Henry was supposed to have lip repair ‪January 21‬ but contracted RSV during Christmas and surgery was pushed to March 17 - St Patrick’s Day. We got a call on March 13 that because of COVID-19 his surgery was considered elective and therefore cancelled. I have not cried that hard in a long time. All of the protecting we did before to keep our family healthy for surgery when COVID wasn’t a threat, it didn’t matter. So here we are, no idea when surgery will be. We live in Michigan and have been told once our team can schedule again we’ll hear right away. I asked our team if Henry being older would offer an undesirable outcome, they said absolutely not. I hope other families during this time know they are not alone. We still go to the doctor almost weekly for ear infections- tubes are also considered elective and that was supposed to happen with lip repair too. To all the families in limbo - love those cleft smiles longer and take all the pictures you can. We are so lucky to cherish this time for a little while longer. We are #CleftProud!” 💙 How have you been impacted by COVID-19? Comment below! 💙 ...

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Ride and stay healthy! Yesterday‘s ride 400km with 4192m climbing! Why? because we can!😃✌️! In those not to easy times, bike2help.ch supports activities that promote a healthy lifestyle! ...

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Beautiful cleft lip correction transformation 😍😍
Amazing results via operationsmile

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A few weeks ago in Cape Town! In front of Lions Head while riding the prologue of Cape Epic! Cape Epic was cancelled but we had a great time riding trails in Tokay and Table Mountain! Most important! We supported Cape Leopard Trust and Anna Foundation with donations! This will help those organisations in not easy times we live in! #capeepic2020 #eberhardbau #dornierwines #cuoreofswitzerland #jetsportrümlang #fleischlibäckerei #capeleopardtrust #bike2help #annafoundation #operationsmile #johnsonandjohnson #cubestorechur #spitalthusis ...

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💙 (Story): “Hello my cleftie friends! My name is Esteban, but you can call me Estie. I’m currently 3 months old & received my forever smile on Sept 4th, 2020! My mom found out I was a cleftie at her 20 week ultrasound. I am sure she was worried and didn’t know much about caring for me. But let me say, my momma is strong & carries me proud. I was born with a bilateral cleft lip & palate. She loves me unconditionally & is head over heels for me. I’m currently healing & can’t wait to show off my new smile. We are a #CleftProud Family!” 💙 Have you ever seen anyone else with a cleft? If so, did you talk with them? Comment below! 💙 ...

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Team no.75 / bike2help.ch on their way to race Cape Epic in South Africa! #Dornierwines #cubestorechur #spitalthusis #capeepic2020 #eberhardbau #cuoreclothing #thecapeleopardtrust #annafoundation ...

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💙 (Story): “Hello, my name is Dallas Bravery Jackson. My twin and I were born at 38 weeks and 2 days. However, prior to my birth, my mom and dad found out at their 22 week anatomy ultrasound that I would be born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. Their heart broke as they were informed of the news. The endless thoughts of social stigma. The constant internet searches. The worries of all the unknown manifested into doubts and fears, but my parents persevered and want you to know that it does get better with positive thinking, support and education. I am a happy healthy baby boy that loves to eat, talk and smile. My personality is very chill and laid back. My middle name was chosen for me before my parents knew of my diagnosis and I am Just that. I will have my surgery to correct my cleft lip/ nose ‪on 12/15/2020‬. I am blessed to be in a city where I can have NAM intervention as well as a great surgeon. My parents love me to life and would not change anything about my birth as they tell me daily I am perfect. I am #CleftProud!” 💙 Go to the link in our website to learn more about our resources! 💙 ...

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Alessia Nay and Björn Tschenett are riding as team bike2help.ch / Cube Store Chur the Cape Epic 2020 im South Africa! 8 days, 650km, 15‘500hm of riding and helping Anna Foundation, Operation Smile and cape Leopard Trust with donations! you can follow them on our homepage bike2help.ch! Good luck #75!! Start of the adventure in 10 days!
#capeepic2020 #bike2help #eberhardbau #dornierwines #cubebikes #annafoundation #thecapeleopardtrust #operationsmile

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Дорогие друзья, Ассалам алейкум! Хочу поделиться итогами дня: сегодня, по воле Всевышнего Аллах1а, проведено 15 высокотехнологичных операций детям с расщелинами губы и нёба (12,5 часов в операционной), в том числе иногородним и иностранным пациентам - жителям братской республики Ингушетия, Карачаево-Черкессия, г.Краснодар, г.Лянтор (Ханты-мансийского округа), а также, как уже у нас заведено, уроженцам республики Киргизия и двое с уже родного Казахстана.
По Милости Всевышнего, все дети чувствую себя хорошо!
Все расходы покрыл РОФ za_fond_kadyrova им.Ахмата Хаджи Кадырова! (Дала г1азот къобал дойл цун)!
Хочется поблагодарить министра здравоохранения docsuleymanov_95 Эльхана Абдуллаевича и заместителя министра bichuev_lecha Лечи Имрановича за оказываемую помощь и поддержку!
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