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Operation Smile Mission in Vijayawada, India ​

From November 29th to the December 5th 2019

Over the past 4 years, I have supported Okjeaösdfjaljdfadflj adsfjadsf jadjfadjf aalsdfja dsjf peration Smile activities as a team member and as a supporter of the yearly Johnson & Johnson Switzerland fundraising campaign “Move for Charity”.

The private funds collected for Operation Smile have been doubled by my employer Johnson & Johnson Switzerland who also kindly support this mission of medical and non-medical volunteering to India. The objective of the mission is to bring surgical care to citizens who are affected by cleft lips and cleft palates in greater Vijayawada in the Southeast Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Vijayawada is located on the banks of Krishna River with a population of over 1 million inhabitants.

As a team member on this mission, I will have a unique chance experience the work of the organisation with the patients, their families and the hospital staff.

Operation Smile is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing free reconstructive surgery to children and young adults in developing countries all over the world. Since 1982, Operation Smile has provided surgical treatment to more than 200,000 patients around the world and, in the process, formed valuable relationships with the countries it has visited.

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Here comes your Monday smile for a happy start in this new week😊 I hope it works for you 😘
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So many happy faces! Thanks Reitz (South Africa) for having us! Joberg2c Stage 2 done! @surgeons_for_little_lives @vsportag @eberhard_pioniere ...

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Start of JOBERG2C with a 118km stage! Went well for Bro and I! The Stage was time neutral but fast riding at the front anyway! 8 Stages to go 🚵🏼‍♀️🤗! Riding for surgeons for little lives @surgeons_for_little_lives @vsportag @eberhard_pioniere @joberg2c ...

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Well arrived in Johannesburg! Guided tour around botanical parks trails with Mark! Tomorrow day 1 of @joberg2c with 111km @vsportag @sonjablochmedien @surgeons_for_little_lives @eberhard_pioniere #johannesburg ...

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Operation Smile Charity - September 2005
mariahcarey and jessicasimpson 💕💞
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Following several years of traveling throughout Ethiopia’s Omo Valley, I had experienced numerous requests for ‘makeup’ from many of the young women of the Mursi tribe and in 2020, I not only honored their request of giving them makeup, but they also stood in line to receive an actual makeover from the makeup artist that I had hired to accompany us on this particular Ethiopian Photography Workshop.
Needless to say, the young women of the tribe were elated with their makeovers and I was equally elated to have the opportunity to photograph them and each of the women also received a small color print, in addition to being paid by myself for ‘modeling’. To be clear, many members of the Mursi tribe and members of many other tribes in the Omo Valley often ‘pose’ for photos in exchange for cash payments, ‘makeover’ or not. It is the ‘norm’ for the tribes of Omo Valley. Nikon D850, Nikkor 24-120mm, F/8@1/320 sec. 200 ISO, Daylight/Sunny WB…in addition, and to keep the background clean, a black cloth of about two square meters was suspended between two tree branches, and each young woman was posed about three feet in front of the cloth.

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Biju levde med läppspalt i 14 år. Hans familj fick information om Operation Smile via de lokala TV-nyheterna och kort därefter begav sig Biju till ett av våra medicinska uppdrag i Indien i hopp om att få en operation. Väl på plats fick han genomgå en hälsoundersökning och fick sedan, till sin stora glädje, klartecken för att han skulle få en livsförändrande operation!

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