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Racing – Fundraising – Inspiring
We race and engage as fundraisers for charities and organisations that support their local communities, promote health and educational programmes.
Racing – Fundraising – Inspiring
We race to inspire others to have an action filled and healthy lifestyle.

since 2009

🚴‍♂️ From Northcape4000 Adventure to Planting 4000 Trees! 🌳

Last year and this year, I had the privilege of participating in the Northcape 4000 event, creating unforgettable memories. Now, those memories are becoming a reality - 2900 trees are already planted, and more are on the way! They serve as a living tribute to the Northcape adventure. We will reach the goal of 4000 trees in spring 2024! 😊

My mission goes beyond cycling, and with, I’m supporting a special cause - the love for trees. None of this would have been possible without the incredible support of my private and corporate sponsors, the support of my hometown, Rümlang, and the amazing work of forester Thomas Hubli (TH Forst). A heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone!

Together, we’re building a living legacy that connects my passion for cycling with the beauty of nature, especially trees. 🌍🌱 #TreePlanting #Northcape4000 #UnforgettableMemories #CyclingCommunity #Rümlang #THForst #Eberhardbau AG #Johnson&JohnsonMedtech #ViviKola #cuoreofswitzerland

Thankful and happy! North Cape reached in 17 days after a 4363km ride from Turin via Paris and Oslo! #ultracycling #diditagain @eberhard_pioniere @baeckerei_conditorei_fleischli @cuoreofswiss @vivikola @jnj @vsportag ...

Thank you Gran Canaria! 1000km / 18‘000hm in 9 days! Getting ready for #northcape4000 @vivikola @ebi.young @eberhard_pioniere @baeckerei_conditorei_fleischli @vsportag @jnj @cuoreofswiss #ultracycling #nc4k ...

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